Creative Writing in Business
Residential Course from Dark Angels, 19 – 22 October 2016
Loughcrew Estate, Oldcastle, County Meath
Loughcrew House is pleased to host the first Creative Writing in Business Course by Dark Angels in Ireland. Read all about it before and contact Dark Angels through the details below to book.
Want to take your writing to a different level? Seeking ways to jolt a passive reader to attention, or just eager to become a better writer or storyteller? This intensive foundation course is  for anyone whose job involves effective communication. Freelance copywriting, communications, brand management, corporate affairs, marketing and many more areas of management and creative consultancy – these are all typical areas of work for Dark Angels participants.

This is the first Dark Angels course to be hosted in Ireland. Based on a series of residential writing courses conceived by writers John Simmons, Stuart Delves and Jamie Jauncey, these highly successful courses explore different ways to use words more imaginatively within the business environment.

 Writing course in Loughcrew
What’s involved?
The course explores how to inject colour, personality and freshness into your writing, business or personal.  It provides practical ways to apply imaginative thinking to stories and narrative writing, as well as business and brand communications. 
This course follows an Intensive Foundation format with an introductory session on the first evening followed by creative exercises, collaborative projects, one to one sessions with tutors and personal pieces. Personal development is fundamental to all creative writing and it is also an important aspect of all Dark Angels courses.

The price is €1,895 or £1,495 per person (or special sole trader rate of €1,200 or £950) and includes accommodation and food.
Want to know more? Contact Or check out the Dark Angels website,
 Darek Smietana
What they’ve said:

“Too often as communicators with a marketing objective, we’re focused on functional writing. We know the ‘craft’ and the ‘theory’ – but it’s the ‘spark’ that makes all the difference. A creative approach to business writing is critical now that audiences are more cynical, and very capable at switching off to marketing messages. To leapfrog over those barriers requires us to think creatively, to engage people at a more human and honest level, and to flex our imaginative muscles. The course reminded me that I had those muscles – and helped me to exercise them.”

“Dark Angels is a strong mix of good stuff for mind, body and soul. If you like the idea you’re bound to love the people it brings together. And it can set the course of careers. Now I know what good writing can do, how much it is valued, what a writer can aspire to be, and how to find pleasure in each moment of my working life.”

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